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about us

Kitchen Girl Farm got it’s name from an old-time fiddle and banjo tune with its roots in Virginia. Farmers Christy and Connor grew up in Virginia and started playing old-time music together while college students. We also have a deep love of growing, cooking, and sharing food. So, who is the Kitchen Girl? We all are! Everyone who enjoys spending time in their kitchen and eating food with friends is a Kitchen Girl.

Kitchen Girl Farm is a small-scale, diversified farm growing certified organic produce and pasture-raised laying hens for eggs in Baltimore County, Maryland. We specialize in humanely raised, pastured laying hens for eggs. and regional heirloom specialty vegetable varieties. We sell wholesale to Baltimore area restaurants and caterers, as well as via other small farms’ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.



produce & eggs


Our produce

Our produce selection reflects our southern roots, as well as our interest in regional heirlooms. We love growing varieties that excite us and our customers, and are constantly searching for what grows best in our microclimate. Our fruit and vegetables reflect the care that we put into our soil management. We know that our preservation and enhancement of soil health is of the utmost importance to environmental sustainability, and our practices reflect that. We have chosen to be USDA Certified Organic to show this commitment, though many of our practices go “beyond Organic.”

Our eggs

We raise a wide variety of heritage-breed chickens and ducks for their eggs. They live in mobile coop systems on pasture for their entire adult lives, and have barn access during the winter for extra shelter. Their pasture rotation is integrated with other livestock at the farm for optimum nutrition and land management.

We believe that our birds should be allowed to follow their natural behavior to ensure that their lives are healthy and stress-free. To us, that means decreasing our reliance on mail-order hatcheries and eventually breeding our own flocks, allowing hens to raise their own chicks. They forage on pasture daily, and roost in their coops at night. We have two alpacas as guardian animals to protect them from the local hawk, fox, and coyote population.





Our fruits, vegetables, and eggs are available through a few outlets. We sell wholesale to our restaurant and catering customers through our local distributor, Chesapeake Farm to Table. We also add value to many of our friends’ farms in the area by providing eggs to their CSA customers. For more information, please follow the links below.


For chefs & caterers

Click on the logo above to find our vegetables and eggs wholesale, available for delivery twice a week year-round. This distributor also works with 20+ other small farms in our area.

For retail customers


Click on the logo above to find our eggs via Crooked Fence Farm’s CSA program. Our eggs are an add-on option to their traditional vegetable shares.



For retail customers


Click on the logo above to find our eggs via Good Dog Farm’s CSA program. Our eggs are an add-on option to their custom vegetable shares.

For retail customers

Follow this link to find our eggs via Moon Valley Farm’s CSA program. Our eggs are an add-on option to their vegetable shares at their on-farm pickup site.





Christy and Connor's farming journey has been interwoven since the beginning.

We met in college in 2009 while studying Environmental Science and Policy and running a small local foods buying club and our College's Campus Garden. We became closer friends the summer after college and embarked on a cross-country trip, during which we stayed at and volunteered on five very different small, family run farms. By 2011, we landed apprenticeships at the Small Farm Unit at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in North Carolina. We learned under an amazingly skilled mentor for one season, and had our first real immersion in growing organic fruits, vegetables, and livestock. After that, our farming journey brought us up to Baltimore City, where we managed a nonprofit urban farm for two years. By 2013, we found ourselves with the opportunity to establish a new farm program for the same nonprofit. This farm became our entire lives for the next five years, during which we got married (on the farm!), honed our skills, and had the opportunity to introduce over 15 apprentices to sustainable farming.

Finally, we feel ready to start our own farm business in this area we now call home. We are passionate about enhancing soil health while making sustainably-raised food more available in our community. We look forward to the opportunity to provide mentorship opportunities to others in our area who would like to learn more about farming, as our mentor was integral in our decision to farm.

When we're not farming, we enjoy cooking and eating with friends, traveling, and taking long walks with our bloodhound, Ruby.





We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any questions about the farm or our products, for volunteer opportunities, or would like to schedule a visit.